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More Details on Fun For A Cause

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Fan Free ClinicIf you’re trying to go out to one of your favorite watering holes, Nations, Babes, Barcode, or Godfrey’s, between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. tonight to get a drink, then you’re out of luck.

They’ll all be at Fun For A Cause. Emmett Hickam, one of the event organizers, said all of these businesses decided to close to show their support for the community and Fan Free Clinic. Don’t worry, you might still catch your favorite bartender volunteering at the event.

“It feels like the community has grown apart and we want to bring it back together while raising money for Fan Free Clinic,” Hickam said. “Events like this have raised quite a bit of money in the past. We not only as individuals are hurting for money, but organizations are as well. Fan Free gives so much support to this community.”

Pat Germelman, Director of Development at Fan Free Clinic, said they have felt economic downturn as well seeing a drop in corporate donations.

“We’ve seen our lines getting longer,” Germelman said. “The timing of this has been perfect. It’s something that the community really needs.”

When you walk into tonight’s event at the Richmond Renessaince Conference Center, Fan Free Clinic, Equality Virginia, Gay Pride Virginia, and the Gay Community Center of Richmond will be on site handing out literature information. In the main Ballroom, you can watch one of three 45 minute drag shows. Thirty minute dance breaks with a DJ will break up the entertainment in the Adam’s Room. A cash bar will be available.

Hickam said that they have been very fortunate to have received so much support from event sponsors. The $5 cover goes directly to Fan Free Clinic. In addition, all of the evening’s entertainers will be working for free and donating their tips.

If tonight’s event is a success, expect to see it become an annual tradition for Richmond.

“We want to continue this and make it bigger and better for next year,” Hickam said.

We’ll be tweeting live tonight.  For more information on Fun For A Cause, click here.


Fun For A Cause Tonight

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Fun For A CauseTonight’s event benefits Fan Free Clinic.  We’ll keep you posted on what’s going live from the event via twitter.  There’s also an unofficial afterparty tonight at Pearl on 1713 East Main Street.

More info on Fun For A Cause is available at

Gear-up for GaGa: Make Your Own Disco Stick

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Lady GaGaToad’s Place sadly closed up shop because someone forgot to pay the rent.  We rather liked the venue.  Fortunately, the pop music Gods are shining down on us and The National picked up Lady GaGa’s show this Friday, April 3.   The sold-out show is going to be the gayest thing to hit Richmond since Margeret Cho came to the Byrd last year, so we’re here to make sure you’re ready.   And yeah, we’ll be tweeting live.

In honor of the “Just Dance” disco diva, we’ve created this handy tutorial so you can make your very own bejeweled pimp canes for the show.  We may not be able to take them into the venue and they may be confiscated, but they sure are sparkly!

For this project, raid Lowe’s, the Dollar Tree, and your craft store of choice to obtain the following:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • LED Light
  • Clear Plastic Christmas Ornament Ball
  • Assorted Clear Beads & Crystals
  • Black PVC Pipe/Precut 2′
  • A Candle

discostick_1We didn’t have access to a drill, and while this was probably a fire hazard and released toxic fumes, we melted two 3/4″ holes into the ornament ball.  Be careful.
discostick_2Then, we hot-glued the LED Light into one of the holes so that the flashlight button was still accessible.
discostick_3We began bejeweling the sphere by hot-gluing the larger crystals.  We added beads to fill in the gaps.  You can also use tacky glue for this part, but it takes longer to dry.
discostick_4After you have covered most of the plastic ball, glue on the PVC securely with hot glue.  Then you can add any extra pizazz you see fit.
discostick_5Ta-daa!  Charlie’s ready for the show.
discostick_6Wow…look how bright that is.  See you Friday!

DC Gives Up On Guerilla Bar Invasion

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Metro WeeklyRichmond, what would happen if our dear Julie McCoy one day decided to stop organizing our Fourth Friday gatherings? Would there be someone to pass the torch to or would the group that packed the house at Lucky Buddha this past Friday just stay at home?

DC, are you just giving up? According to Metro Weekly, this coming Friday, April 3, marks the last Guerilla Queer Bar. The three people that started the straight bar invasions are done with their involvement. Why? They’re in a different place in life – partnered, in grad school, and in transition. And now, they’re still hoping that someone else will carry on their legacy.

Julie, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing a fine service for the community and for these establishments.

And DC, if you need some help, all you have to do is ask.

To read the full article in Metro Weekly, click here.

Richmond Queer League Hopes to Bridge Community Gaps

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This is part two of’s interview with Scott Sibley, founder of the Richmond Queer League. You can read about his group’s Tuesday Queer Night’s here.

Scott Sibley looks to bring the queer community into the mainstream.

Scott Sibley looks to bring the queer community into the mainstream.

Today, Scott Sibley, self-proclaimed Queer Cultivator, just passed the 300 person mark for his Facebook group, the Richmond Queer League. Where does he go now? The group originated to get the word out about new nightlife for the community. Queer is a term Sibley defines as inclusive of anyone outside the social norm.

“I really want to bridge social gaps between cliques in Richmond – whether gay or straight,” he said. “I want something for all different types of people to do.”

Sibley said a lot of “normal” people don’t understand what people in the homosexual lifestyle face simply because of ignorance. He hopes to work with the Richmond community as a whole to bring more of the mainstream in to get outsiders to learn what the queer lifestyle is like. He said that this misinterpretation runs within the gay community as well.

“From what I’ve seen, gay men tend to stray away from the lesbian population except for a random night – they’ll party together at Babe’s, but they’ll still stick to their own group afterwards,” Sibley said. “I just don’t think they’ve taken the time to spend together outside the club.”

And he plans to bring more cohesion through hosting social events outside the club – like picnics with other active groups and bowling nights with small businesses. He said there is already a business in Shockoe Bottom that plans a bowling night and he plans to collaborate with them to get the Richmond Queer League involved.

“It’s going to be trial and error,” Sibley said. “Mainly, it’s being out in the public. Fourth Friday has done a great job of that. They take over a traditionally straight establishment and give people the opportunity to socialize in a mainstream environment.”

He also has a forum in the works with the Gay Community Center, which will also be posting events on their website. Sibley is planning to create a blogspot to keep minutes and a running list of events for the Richmond Queer League.

Sibley believes if you give people different opportunities that tie in social support, you’ll be able to put together a better face to a lifestyle or individual.

“I feel 90% of all prejudice is because people don’t know about the lifestyle. We just need to let people see it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Sibley said. “It boils down to equal respect.”

You can join the Richmond Queer League via Facebook.

Do social gaps exist in the Richmond community?  Within the gay community?  Keep the conversation going. Partners with $3 Bills and more…

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First of all, thank you so much for the support you have given the site this week. The feedback we’ve received via e-mail has been overwhelming, which definitely shows that this project is something that the community has been missing and needs. This is YOUR site, so e-mail us at with any suggestions or ideas.

Onto more exciting news!…

Starting next week, the $3 Bills, Richmond’s gay sports team, will be contributing a weekly blog keeping us posted on what’s going on in the world of homo-athletics. Plus, the $3 Bills do more than just sports. They also are dedicated to philanthropy throughout Richmond and are going to keep everyone looped in on how to get involved.

The Bills recently added broomball to their repertoire.  It’s a little like hockey – you’re on ice, but there’s a ball and you’re not wearing skates.  Craziness. Check out one of the games…

Broomball Played at Lil Rink 7501 Ranco Rd. Richmond VA

4/1 7:15pm Rink 1 vs Ice Tigers
4/8 8pm Rink 2 vs Jazzhands
4/15 8pm Rink 2 vs Team 6

Football- Played at either Gillies Creek or Canoe Run parks

3/29 – Canoe Run – Field 7 – 12:00 pm vs Blackouts (Maybe canceled due to rain)
4/5 – Gillies Creek – Field 5 – 11 am vs Box Alarm
4/19 – Gillies Creek – Field 4 – 2 pm vs Cyborg Pirate Ninja Jesus
4/26 – Canoe Run – Field 7 1 pm vs S-Crew
5/3 – Canoe Run – Field 8 3 pm vs Capital City Pipehitters

For more information on the $3 Bills, e-mail

PULP’s Rave Review

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By Ana Conceicao
Guest Correspondent

Amy Henderson plays the sassy Pepper in PULP.  Photo by John MacLellan.

Amy Henderson plays the sassy Pepper in PULP. Photo by John MacLellan.

“I am a lesbian. Plain and simple and I don’t make any bones about it.” This is the token line that was said by each character in PULP, the Richmond Triangle Players new production that opened Wednesday at the Gay Community Center of Richmond. Written by Patricia Kane, PULP brings to life the pulp fiction novels of the 1950’s. At the time these books were sold under the table and the ladies reading them had to take great care not to be caught.

Fast forwarding to today, it’s refreshing to see five lovely ladies get up on stage and perform a piece about love and passion between women. The show was fantastic.

There are five actresses, and each of them made a lasting impression through their character. There are a variety of different women being portrayed – the fiery lipstick lesbian, the butch girl, the drag king, the powerful woman, and the fun best friend.

Director John Knapp did a wonderful job bringing these characters from script to stage. PULP is full of wonderful one-liners that bring laughter and excitement to the audience, and a sarcastic undertone that brings the PULP genre to life. The costumes, language, and ideals performed in PULP are true to the time period and take the audience back.

The vocal performances in the show are worth the ticket and take you to a different place. You begin to feel as though you are at The Well, the bar that the play takes place in.

PULP runs through April 18th with showings on Fridays and Saturdays (except April 4th) and one matinee on April 5th at 4 p.m. Tickets are $20-$25. Check out for ticket information and show times.

Ana Conceicao received her BFA in Crafts and Art Education at VCU and currently teaches visual arts classes around Richmond.