Requiem for Roy Breimon, Artist’s Memorial Reception Next Friday at Gay Community Center

From the Gay Community Center of Richmond:

Requiem for Roy Beimon runs at the GCCR Gallery through May 30.

Requiem for Roy Beimon runs at the GCCR Gallery through May 30.

The Gay Community Center of Richmond’s GCCR Gallery is pleased to present Requiem for Roy Breimon: a memorial exhibition dedicated to the late Washington D.C. artist, with selected works by Vaclav Pisvejc.

Breimon’s work has been described as “innovative expressionist and symbolic . . . powerfully colored and complexly composed.” The show features reverse-painted tribal-inspired mask paintings, and costumes from the 1994 Meininger State Opera House production of Madame Butterfly in Germany.

Breimon, a former resident of Washington, D.C., was killed in the Czech city of Prague on July 8, 2004. Breimon reportedly had lived in Prague for about five years and The Prague Post reported at the time that Breimon was found bound and gagged on the floor of his apartment. Prague police arrested a suspect who was charged with “robbery resulting in death” rather than murder. Despite initial reports to the contrary, a police spokesperson later told the newspaper that the suspect was not a “rent boy” or prostitute, and that Breimon was killed by a robber who broke into his apartment.

Breiman studied art as a fifteen-year-old at the University of Mexico in Satillo and had his first major exhibition in Washington DC in 1976. He had numerous exhibitions around the world, including Berlin, Los Angeles, Miami, Barcelona, and Washington DC. During his career, Breimon became the only U.S. resident to ever work at the 173-year-old Meininger State Opera House when he designed the set and stage for a production of “Madame Butterfly” in 1994. He also spent time in Katmandu as an artist-in-residence at the invitation of the Nepalese government.

The works in the show have been in the possession of Richmonder Terry Curry since Breimon’s death. He remembers Breimon as a “larger than life” personality who people were naturally drawn to. Curry and Breimon became friends in Washington DC when Breimon worked on Capitol Hill before he pursued art full time. Also featured in the show are works by Vaclav Pisvejc, who was born in Prague in 1967 and currently lives and works in Firenze in Italy.

An Artist’s Memorial Reception will be held on Friday, May 8, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. The show runs from April 17 through May 30, 2009.

Sposored by NATIONWIDE INSURANCE. A portion of the proceeds from the show will benefit the Roy Breimon Art Fund for art student scholarships.

The GCCR is located at 1407 Sherwood Avenue, Richmond, VA 23220. (804) 622-4646.


One Response to “Requiem for Roy Breimon, Artist’s Memorial Reception Next Friday at Gay Community Center”

  1. Kimberly Barfield Says:

    I have known Roy for 23 years (as if he had not passed on). I met him at my father’s second wedding. Roy was a wonderful person. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! We somehow lost touch about 8 years ago – actually due to me because of a personal situation (he invited me to a show in Prague but I could not go), and last year, browsing on Internet, I looked him up to see what he was doing and to perhaps go and visit him and I could not believe what I found. I thought that it could not be him until I saw that the man was also from Washington, D.C. Roy was such a great person. So funny, intelligent, loving, enthusiastic. He wore “Eiffel tower” glasses! Actually, I have many great and fun stories to tell about Roy. We quit smoking together for about 48 hours! We went to Sitges together. He allowed me get his artwork into “La Caixa” de Barcelona, and I had to give them a painting for free to set up a show (so there is one of Roy’s paintings in the archives of “La Caixa” de Barcelona, Spain!). Roy, became an artist because that is what dictated his heart. He was actually an assistant to a Senator in Washington, DC. But one day, he entered his house, and was attacked by a robber who had a pen knife and stabbed him around 10 times in the stomach. Because he was over-weight (especially in the stomach!), the pen-knife did not reach vital organs and so, Roy, had only to be hospitalized for a few days and stitched-up. Backing-up, his heart had always been in ART. Roy had an epiphany. Thus, while in the hospital, he had someone bring him paint and a canvas and he began to paint. And, there, was the birth of the professional artist, Roy Breimon!!! When he saw Death flash before him, he made a choice, and his choice was his heart which lead him to ART! And, that was the real Birth of Roy B.

    His influences are Central America because he went there at some point during his college studies, although I cannot remember when or why.

    I miss Roy. And when I read the news, already 3 years old, I felt absolutely horrible. He is a tremendous loss. I also felt awful about how we think people that mean a lot to us will always be around, and this is not true. And finally, the manner of his death goes without pardon. I was actually on internet to see if a further investigation had been carried out. Roy, thank you for friendship. I hold you in high regards. My tribute to you, my dear, queridísmo amigo. Te echo de menos y me gustaría haberte visitado en Praga. Lo siento mucho. Merecías algo mejor. Love, Kim

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