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GPV Date Auction Preview: Derek

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DerekDerek’s mom Nora makes a mean chocolate éclair cake. It’s his favorite dessert. And if he were a cartoon character, he’d be Bart Simpson on crack – friends say his best asset is his personality. One day, he hopes to visit Montreal, but for now, on a date, he doesn’t need a trip on a jet plane. He just likes to hang out. Derek says, whatever happens, happens. If you bid on him tonight, maybe one day, you’ll be trying Nora’s cake.

Favorite quote: “Never say never.”

GPVWe’re working with the folks at Gay Pride Virginia to give you a preview of some of the goods up for auction at Nation’s on April 26.   Check daily for the scoop on a new potential date.


GPV Date Auction Preview: Ryan

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RyanDon’t get on his bad side. This 26-year-old Richmond native captained VMI’s Tae Kwon Do team. Besides martial arts, he stays in shape through lifting and soccer. That doesn’t mean he can’t indulge in a little Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked or his favorite pineapple fried rice from Thai Diner now and then. His favorite thing about Richmond is that his mom’s still here. Aww! Maybe Ryan will show you the art of self defense if you bid on him.

Favorite quote: “Everything you do, every single decision you make, either takes you a step closer or a step further away from your goal. You either grow or you regress; nothing stands still.” Chris Shugart

GPVWe’re working with the folks at Gay Pride Virginia to give you a preview of some of the goods up for auction at Nation’s on April 26.   Check daily for the scoop on a new potential date.

Patron Attacked After Leaving Nations, Club Responds

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According to Nations co-owner Doyle Bunch, in a random incident, a patron was attacked and robbed in the parking lot of a neighboring Chinese restaurant after leaving the club last Friday.   Since then, Bunch said the victim has spent four days in intensive care for a broken nose and fractured cheekbone and is expected to make a full recovery.  Bunch wants to make sure that his clubgoers are being street smart.

The April 17th incident was caught by Nations’ surveillance cameras and footage has since been turned over to Richmond City Police.  Shortly after 2 AM, three black men wearing ski masks were hiding behind dumpsters as a neighborhood resident was walking his dog.  When he saw the men approach, he ran away.

Moments later, the club patron left Nations to go to the adjacent parking lot, got in his vehicle, then the men approached the driver’s side and started beating him through the open window.  They pulled the victim from the car, dragged him across the parking lot and into the alley way where they continued to beat him.  They left him on the pavement, dug through his vehicle, and left the scene with $60 and a cell phone.

Bunch said this was not a hate crime as there was no verbal exchange.  He emphasized that people need to be aware of their surroundings and that these incidents can happen anywhere.  He urges clubgoers to exercise extra precaution and not linger in their vehicles late at night and to lock doors.

With surveillance cameras on both sides of the building and throughout the interior, the club has measures in place.  Nations staffs two outdoor police on Friday and Saturday nights as well as security inside the club.  This incident had taken place after a Thursday night karaoke competition.  With a new top 40 dance night on Thursdays starting next week, they will be adding security staff.

“I would urge people to exit the club in couples or in a group.”  Bunch said.  “They can ask the security to escort them to their vehicles if they like.  That’s why we have them.”

“We have to get out the word to be cautious,” he said. “Take care of yourself and take care of each other.”

If you have any information regarding the crime, you can call Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.

GPV Date Auction Preview: Tricia

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TriciaDon’t be fooled. This 34-year-old Richmonder may be vanilla when it comes to her ice cream preference, but she’s all about the toppings. Tricia loves cooking, sports, movies, and music – she’s also up for some adventure. She’s traveled to Peru and hiked the Inca trail and has made waves in whitewater rapids on the Rio Urubamba. Naturally, her favorite thing in Richmond is the James River. You could be taking your next adventure with Tricia if you bid on her on Sunday.

Favorite quote: “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi

GPVWe’re working with the folks at Gay Pride Virginia to give you a preview of some of the goods up for auction at Nation’s on April 26.   Check daily for the scoop on a new potential date.

Skiviez Sponsors DC Fashion Show

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Heading out of town this weekend?  Locally owned underwear company, Skiviez, sponsors an underwear fashion show at Town in DC on Saturday night.  They’ve donated over $1,100 in undies for the event benefiting Team DC‘s scholarship program.   Here’s what they sent our way:

Fashion ShowI hope that you’ll join us for the Team DC Fashion Show and Model Search this Saturday night, April 25, at Town Nightclub (2009 8th Street, NW). Doors open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8:30.

Proceeds from the Door (only $10 and you are welcome to stay all night and enjoy Town!) and Auction help support the Team DC College Scholarship Program which is given to a gay or lesbian student-athlete. Donations are tax-deductible and help truly deserving students attend college as out and proud student-athletes.

The Show will feature clubwear, swimsuits, casual wear,
leather, and the hottest in underwear! Clothing Sponsors
include Universal Gear, The Leather Rack, Skiviez,
ENVE, and Caramel. You will be able to bid for the clothes right off the models!

In addition to the Fashion Show, the models will be competing for a $500 First Prize and Audience Response is a part of the consideration. Some of the teams represented in the show include the DC Frontrunners, DC Strokes Rowing Club, Cheer DC, Capital Tennis Association, CAPS Softball, and the DC Sentinels Basketball team. Come cheer for your friends and teammates!

You can see photos from last year’s show as well as the flyer promoting the event at

GPV Date Auction Preview: Josh

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JoshJosh was a college cheerleader and you can cheer for him on Sunday.  This Bon Air native enjoys sports, running, and fun with friends.  His favorite thing about Richmond is “The Rivah!” Friends describe him as gregarious.  He describes himself as jovial.  One day, he hopes to travel to South America.  His favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption and he loves Thai from Mom Siams in Carytown.  Get ready to pull out your pom poms and dollar bills for Josh tomorrow.

Favorite quote and author: “90% of the world’s woe comes from people not knowing themselves, their abilities, their frailties, and even their virtues. Most of us go all the way through life as complete strangers to ourselves.” — Sydney J. Harris

GPVWe’re working with the folks at Gay Pride Virginia to give you a preview of some of the goods up for auction at Nation’s on April 26.   Check daily for the scoop on a new potential date.

Fourth Friday’s Cruise Director Speaks (Sort of)

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Julie McCoy is a classy lady lounging on the piano.

Julie McCoy is a classy lady lounging on the piano.

Happy hour is a joyous time – just look around the bar and see all the smiling faces.  Two dollars for a highball, why not be happy?  We’re sitting with a couple members of the Queering Committee, the governing body of Fourth Fridays.  It’s a group that consist of gays, straights and mannequins.

Yes. Mannequins.  We’re discussing their fearless leader, Julie McCoy.  Although she’s not present tonight, she’s there in spirit, or at least, we’re there in spirits.  There’s a Corona, gin & tonic, and at least one or two Jack & Cokes.

Julie McCoy is at home because she’s a little stiff.  It’s not from the arthritis she gets from sending out all those e-mails about the monthly takeovers of a traditionally straight establishment.  It’s because she is the mannequin.

Julie McCoy

The Rules of the Queering Committee:

1. Fourth Friday shall never be held at a gay bar.
2. Fourth Friday shall never be used to promote a political cause.
3. Fourth Friday shall promote fun and social connection.

Fourth Friday started in January 2007 at Popkin Tavern with over 60 in attendance.  Since then, the e-mail list has grown to over 700.  All of this from an idea stemmed from frustration.

“I was tired of hearing people bitch about there being nothing to do in Richmond and people hating gay bars,” Julie’s creator said at the round table.  “So, we started a revolution.”

Since then, it’s turned into not only a social event, but one that makes a social statement.

“It opens people’s eyes.  A lot of people in our group are stereotypically gay – and a lot of people that we mingle with in these bars may not be comfortable with that.  It brings to light this whole other part of Richmond.  And for the businesses, it brings attention to the power of money in our community.”

Julie McCoy, named after the cruise director of TV’s Love Boat, became the poster child for this movement so members of the community could cast any differences they have for the party’s original organizer aside.

“I caught wind that some people didn’t want to come to ‘my party’ even though it isn’t.  It’s for everyone.” After sending out the second e-mail blast, people wanted to meet Julie.  She’d be at the next event decked out with business cards.  Everyone wanted to know who she was.  She made her debut at Richbrau.

Since then, Julie’s wardrobe has grown exponentially.  Enough actually to fill an entire closet.  She’s also a size two, which makes another member of the Queering Committee wonder if he could fit in her clothes.

“Well, you could always come over and try them on.”

Finding the perfect outfit for Julie isn’t always easy.  She only wears designer.

“I took the leg with me into a shoe store to see what size show she wore.  People freaked out, but it worked.”

So underneath those clothes, who is the real Julie McCoy?

“Julie is a retired model.  She likes to lay out in the sun and loves to hang out with her gays.  She’s a flame dame.”

“Actually, she likes to do anything stationary really.”

Family and Friends Fourth Friday is this Friday, April 24 at Legends Brewing Company, 321 W 7th Street, Richmond, VA.  (804) 232-3446.  Join the mailing list and RSVP via Socializer.