National’s Facebook Page Flooding with Comments


As soon as the “Cancel Buju Banton…” page went live, Facebookers hopped over to the National’s page to express their opinion.  The admin had been deleting comments, but stopped at the time of this posting.

What people are saying…

“You deleted everybody’s concerns and then went as far as to post an offensive defense to Buju Banton. On top of all of this, their show is on Richmond Gay Pride anniversary day. How insulting!”

“Should Buju Banton be allowed to perform? Freedom of speech is a great good and a right in this country. However, there is a greater good of protecting the people as a whole. It is the government’s responsibilty to protect the people. His messages have a great enough potential to cause harm, and it’s our duty for the greater good to not allow him to play. Thus, his speech is not his right becuase of the potential harm it could cause. Do we have to wait for someone to die before we can prove the harm? That is what our law would dictate. I do not want our community to be the place where it could be proven. Please consider your responsibility to our community.”

“While I support freedom of speech and I appreciate that the National has held such diverse acts as the Indigo Girls, Ani Difranco, and others – this concert is unacceptable. The lyrics are not freedom of speech, but blatant hate – calling for bashing and death of a population of the human race. I am disappointed that the National would try to market and endorse an act like this.”

“I really wish you would cancel the Buju Banton performance, if you can even call it that…. This man has spent 20 years of his life in Dancehall music promoting hate and intolerance, i for one as a tax payer and a consumer dont want this type of filth in my city, he needs to be sent a clear signal that richmond will not tolerate this type of insensitivity and ignorance. For such a beautiful majestic progressive city to allow such ignorance is unforgivable, keep in mind that i have contacted the City Counsil and advised them of what this person stands for and how his actions affect those AROUND THE WORLD….”

“Cancel the Buju Banton show. All he is going to do is incite hatred and mayhem. Do you really want the blood on your hands? No one should be subject to this brand of bigotry. He promotes the blind and ruthless killing of gay men. You can NOT let someone like this perform on your stage. Have some dignity. Have some morals. Cancel the Buju Banton show.”


2 Responses to “National’s Facebook Page Flooding with Comments”

  1. I note that Gibson’s Grill is a sponsor of The National’s website. Their owners, Johnny and Katrina Gavros also own Kitchen 64. It could be that we focus our attention on the sponsors, asking them to put some pressure on The National…

  2. The Outsiders POV Says:

    Margaret Cho is scheduled to perfom at the National and Norva. I have emailed her publisist and other contacts listed on her site. With the Buju Banton show causes cries for a Boycott of these venues, I believe that we should let Margaret and her staff know that this will more than likely affect attendance/ ticket sales for her show – plus since Cho is part of the GLBTQ communtiy herself – she may not want to perform here. Contact info at

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