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More J-Cade Backstory on Dating Craig

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Dating CraigThis week,’s dating blogger Jonathan Cade tells us about the rise and fall of his relationship with the illusive Italian Matteo.  From meeting at Ipanema, listening to Air Supply, and making love out of nothing at all, he tells the tale of moving to Italy for the boy.

We lived in an ancient apartment with marble floors his parents had bought for him. There was no air-conditioning.

I lived off the money from my student loans and the Honda I sold in the States. When the cash diminished, I took jobs as English teacher, tour guide and editor. I wrote English subtitles for television, edited a magazine and sat in a drafty cathedral above papal catacombs.

Read the rest of his dating blog here.

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Dating Craig Pushes Dating Aside for American Idol, Hollywood Week on “Chasing Craig”

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Dating CraigThis week on, Jonathan Cade discusses the final showdown between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.  He compares the flamboyant, eye-liner wearing performer to the tame and guitar strumming crooner.

Each week Adam gives us an over the top rendition of a song. He struts. He wails. He looks best in a pompadour, a la Elvis Presley. Or better yet, Lux Interior. I admit, I do cringe at times during his higher registers, but I usually backtrack my DVR two or three times to catch it again.

Read the entire blog here.

J-Cade is definitely pulling for Team Lambert for the win.  Cade and Lambert both hail from Los Angeles.  Speaking of which, GayRVA has received a “Chasing Craig” e-mail with some startling developments.

I knew Jon! He and I got very close after a bit of an ordeal a while back. We were in Los Angeles, riding a city bus, when we were all taken hostage. We were informed there was a bomb on the bus that would only go off if we either dropped below 50 mph or if anyone attempted to escape. I drove the bus while he insured the safety of the other passengers and managed a daring escape for all involved. Lucky for us there were not many casualties. Sadly I was kidnapped after our escape, but Jon was courageous enough to execute a second rescue, and I was saved for a second time. It was rather romantic, but ultimately didn’t work out in the end for us.

Keep up the great work,
Sandra Bullock

Too bad things didn’t work out for you and Sandra since you like dudes and all.

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J-Cade Off This Week, “Dating Craig” Gets Guest Treatment

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Dating CraigAccording to this week’s blog on, Jonathan Cade, is simply out of commission.  Jamie, a friend and former lover, has taken over writing duties this week.  Just last week, he wrote into GayRVA’s “Chasing Craig.”

Jamie shares some background on his friendship with Jon – meeting at VCU, getting cars towed, briefly dating, shots with Russians, and more.

We had picnics in Hollywood Cemetery. From Chimborazo Park, we counted train cars. Jon put rum into the French toast Sunday mornings.

There’s also insight into his relationship with the Italian.  Read the full blog here.

Way to bring the U-Haul Jonny Boy.

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A Drama-filled Dating Craig, Plus a “Chasing Craig” E-mail

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Dating CraigTucked away under the “Lifestyle” section on, you can find this week’s Dating Craig.  This week, writer Jonathan Cade drives around the Fan picking up strangers – quite literally.  He visits a dramatic friend that’s always calling on him with boy troubles.  At the friend’s home, he meets Trevor and swaps stories.

“He calls me about once a week with a crisis,” I tell Trevor.

“You’re lucky. He calls me a couple of times a day. They’re always breaking up.” Trevor swabs a chip through some dip and drops it into his mouth. A little dollop remains just above his upper lip.

J-Cade also admires a painting of the Italian countryside.  Read the full blog here.

“Chasing Craig” continues with an e-mail from one of Jon’s friends:

Jon and I dated before he went to Europe with that Italian. Since he’s been back we dated for a few months last year. Ultimately, we are better as friends. I guess he was still recovering from the break up. He is great to hang with. We have crazy times – don’t ever give him the brush fire challenge (that’s drinking shots of tequila with drops of hot sauce at the bottom). Other than that, I love Jon dearly. Maybe next time.

We’re up for that brush fire challenge Johnny.  Bring it.

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Dating Craig Returns Plus Reader’s E-mail

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Dating CraigJonny Cade was pulling at our heartstrings last week not posting his dating blog which had our reader’s wondering what happened.  After Easter Sunday’s Sedaris-esque supermarket trip, he’s back to his online antics in this week’s return.

After flipping through a few profiles and flashing back to his former love, Cade meets up with a coworker at Baja for some warm weather cocktails.  His coworker’s companion looks a lot like Whoopie Goldberg.  When two more of his coworker’s friends join, JC gets preoccupied.

“Why do you keep looking at that guy?” says Giada or Tina.

“He’s beautiful,” I respond. Thad raises his beer, as do Whoopie and her friend. Whoopie makes another comment about the pretty boys. I set my beer onto the table and excuse myself.

Dashing off, I hear Giada and Tina inquiring Thad about me, “Why are you friends with someone who’s gay?” “That’s disgusting.” “Do you fool around together?”

Read the full blog here.

In “Chasing Craig” news, this e-mail was sent to us from Richard:

Jon and I used to work together at a coffee shop in Carytown several years ago.   I won’t say which.

We often opened the store together, arriving at 5:30 or 6 in the morning.

Usually, we were hungover or still drunk from the night before and incoherent, but we always pulled it off. When there was the first customer lull, around 9 or so, we used to duck behind the espresso bar with an empty whipped cream canister and some cartridges. After a few whippets, and our heads feeling like the inside of a tunnel during rush hour traffic, we’d stumble around the dining area until caught off guard by the next customer. At lunchtime, we took turns heading up the street for a beer or a whiskey. Jon really made those long morning hours pass quickly. We had so much fun. We fell out of touch when we both moved out of Richmond.

I plan to look him up the next time I am in Richmond.

Cheers Jon. Keep the mornings and the nights long.

Oh, the life of a barista.  Keepin’ it real Jonny Cake.

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Cade Blogs Easter, “Chasing Craig” Reader Mailbag

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Dating CraigThis week’s “Dating Craig” at chronicles Jonathan Cade’s trip to the grocery store with his nephew.  While pretending to play dad has its kicks, apparently, so does shopping at Kroger’s deli:

I expect Damon to reach for the most expensive flavor-injected loaf of Boar’s Head, but he reaches for the brand on sale. He is a reputable and gentle man with full lips. I suddenly want to know more about ham.

Read the full blog here.

After last week’s posting, we got a slew of messages.  If our reader Drew spotted you, then JC, you’ve got an admirer:

I did see this guy in Avalon, or one of those other bars along Main Street. I don’t remember. He was sitting alone and taking notes on cocktail napkins, looking very anguished. Could that be our man? If so, he’s pretty cute. If I ever see him again, I’ll send a drink his way.

We just read about you shopping at Kroger.  Reader “D.” thinks he bumped into you:

There was this guy wearing yellow sunglasses in the pet food aisle.  He asked me if his cats preferred Purina One or some other brand. We met again in the frozen food section and he introduced himself.  He said his name was John.  He was wearing a blue short sleeved shirt and jeans.  I had to leave before we could say much.

Bruce was browsing the Alternative Lifestyle section at Barnes & Noble when he had his “Craig” encounter:

…I’m not sure 100% if it was him, but here’s the story…
I was at Barnes and Noble on Libbie.  I was in the alternative lifestyles section (huh?) and I noticed a good-looking dude in the same section.  He was looking at a book on dating.  He looked up and smiled at me.  Like I said, he was handsome.  Anyway, about 10 to 20 minutes later, I saw him sitting at a table, drinking coffee, and he had his laptop with him.  He had the dating book and a few other books with him- can’t remember the names, but I think one of them was by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  He had a pretty intense look on his face, like he was writing (the blog?!?).  His phone rang, and I swear when he answered he said, “Hey Diego.”

Finally, we were contacted by someone claiming to be a coworker.

He told me about a month ago that he would write for (before the blog was ever published).  We frequently talk about the blog, and he always gives me a preview of it.  I consider myself a good friend of his.  I know for a fact that my friend is the one and only J-Cade.

I can’t tell you specifically where we work, but let’s just say that he works with people of different backgrounds and ethnicities (remember, he used to live in Italy… that’s a BIG hint, but I can say no more).  He’s got a great sense of humor, loves great literature/film/music, and has a killer smile.  He’s always one to share a beer, cup of coffee, or cigarette with you.  We’re just friends, but he always helps me pay if I need it.  He makes the work day much easier because of his comedic timing and fun laugh.  Men chase after him all the time.  Honestly, he doesn’t need craigslist to meet guys.  He’s just doing it for fun… definitely not for desperation.  He’s curious about the craigslist phenomena.  Honestly, I think we’re in for some wild columns based on the stories he’s told me.

He’s just a really cool guy.  I’m lucky to have him as a friend!

How touching.

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Another Week, Another “Craig” + Reader E-mail

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Dating CraigHoly guacamole.‘s got a new look and a new edition of “Dating Craig” from Jonathan Cade.  This week, he touches on life after the breakup.  After pondering the meaning of his horoscope, love in springtime, being single in the city, and making dinner for one, he hops onto Craigslist.  Follow his encounter with Diego from the West Coast here.

We’re still Chasing “Craig.” A reader sent us this:

He lived above me and we got our MFAs together at VCU.  We also used to scour our apartments/cars/room mates’ closet floor for spare change so we could buy Camels and cheap wine from the Bob’s market on Strawberry Street.  Those were the days.  sigh.

Sounds like you and Stephanie were living the life J-Cade.  Give the girl a call.

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