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Posted in Dating, Uncategorized with tags , , , on March 17, 2009 by GayRVA

It looks like is going a little gay with a new dating column published today.    Writer Jonathan Cade tells about his adventures in Craigslist dating…

I get a hit.  Lkg4fun.  We exchange emails; he sends a photo.  I am dubious.  I reply to Lkg4fun’s photo with a request:

“Can you send another photo of yourself holding an egg next to your face?”

Lkg4fun replies:  “I don’t have any eggs.”

I suggest a banana, a fork, a glass of chocolate milk.

Lkg4fun replies:  “This is too complicated.  Good luck though.”

Kudos to for publishing this.  The site was recently aquired by Media General, the parent company of the uber-conservative Times-Dispatch, so we’re interested to see how that pans out.  Comments on the post have been blowing up!