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City Council Member Responding to Buju Banton Show

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BujuFacebook comments are still flowing about Buju.  A reader sent us his e-mail to Richmond City Councilwoman Ellen Robertson with her response.  She copied the Chief of Police and the Mayor’s office to setup a meeting regarding the National’s show.

Good morning Ms. Robertson;

I am writing to you today for the same reason that I am sure you have received many other emails, to express my discomfort and anger towards the upcoming Buju Banton concert at The National, in downtown Richmond. As a tax payer, Richmond business supporter, gay man, and someone who cares for this city – my stomach is in knots that this type of show is being help in my city.

I do believe that all people have the right of freedom of speech. I also believe that those who do not agree with homosexuality have the right to share the discussion. What I do not believe in, is paying someone and endorsing an act (which by having him perform at the National and doing any types of advertising they are endorsing him) that goes beyond freedom of speech to the call of violence and death against members of the human race, is not acceptable and bad business.

What I also fear is that if this concert does happen that the protest that occurs (and there will be a protest of this show) will turn violent. Richmond does not need that type of media attention, nor does the National, which has always allowed diverse acts perform. I also fear for the National after the show. This concert has struck a chord in the greater Richmond area – moving far beyond just the gay community. There has already been damage done to the reputation of the National – people have already decided to boycott the theater. It only makes me sad to think of the boycott/ reaction that occurs if the theater does not cancel this show.

Thank you for your time. I hope that you are able to speak with the people at the National to let them know that this concert is unacceptable and that it has outraged the people of our city.

The following was Robertson’s response:

I cannot afford to set and allow this group to come to town. I will be asking the Chief of Police to meet with me and the owners of the National to address the urgency of this matter. By way of this email, John will follow up with the Mayor and Chief to coordinate a meeting.


National’s Facebook Page Flooding with Comments

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As soon as the “Cancel Buju Banton…” page went live, Facebookers hopped over to the National’s page to express their opinion.  The admin had been deleting comments, but stopped at the time of this posting.

What people are saying…

“You deleted everybody’s concerns and then went as far as to post an offensive defense to Buju Banton. On top of all of this, their show is on Richmond Gay Pride anniversary day. How insulting!”

“Should Buju Banton be allowed to perform? Freedom of speech is a great good and a right in this country. However, there is a greater good of protecting the people as a whole. It is the government’s responsibilty to protect the people. His messages have a great enough potential to cause harm, and it’s our duty for the greater good to not allow him to play. Thus, his speech is not his right becuase of the potential harm it could cause. Do we have to wait for someone to die before we can prove the harm? That is what our law would dictate. I do not want our community to be the place where it could be proven. Please consider your responsibility to our community.”

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Fourth Friday Returns to Capital Ale House

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Julie McCoy

Julie McCoy

Our favorite socialite Julie McCoy is back at it – and is now all up in the Facebook.  Maybe she’ll add you or if she’s too busy for all that she might ignore you, but don’t get offended.  Kay?

From the mistress herself:

As the summer winds down, it’s time to return to some familiar territory to the beautiful urban beer garden at


The original Capital Ale House, located in the heart of downtown Richmond with its 46 taps, 2 cask conditioned ale hand pumps and a selection of over 200 bottled beers certainly has a beer for every taste. And if beer’s not your thing, they have a fully stocked bar too. (Don’t forget the great food!) We’ll be occupying the lower level gameroom and the beer garden to catch a last breath of that warm summer air.

At 6:30 on Friday, there is typically plenty of parking downtown, but if you can’t find a spot on the first pass, check out the parking deck at 6th and Main. You’ll find free parking there and be just around the corner!

RSVP and join the monthly mailing list via Socializer.

New Facebook Page for

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We’ve just created a Facebook Page for the site to keep you connected with what’s going on in the community.  Become a fan of to receive status updates in your Facebook newsfeed.  Why a page and a group? The page allows you to interact and discuss content on We’ll still be utilizing the Facebook Group for event invitations and important announcements, so be sure to spread the word about both.

More Launch Party Photos from Style Weekly

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Style Weekly has posted pics from Thursday night to their Facebook fan pageCheck ’em out.

Richmond Responds to Passing of Bea Arthur

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Bea ArthurYesterday, we lost one of our closest friends.   Bea Arthur, well-known in recent years for her role as Dorothy in the Golden Girls, died yesterday at the age of 86.  On Facebook, some mourned the loss with a piece of cheesecake.  Others stayed in and had their own marathon of reruns to pay respect.

Some moving tributes from across Richmond’s online community:

“RIP Bea Arthur….You are my Maude, Dorothy, and woman who always made me smile. You will always be loved.”

“Deeply saddened with the passing of Bea Arthur and will be in mourning for the weeks to come. Please send condolences via his FB page”

“Travel down the road and back again.”

“Golden Girls will not be the same.”

“Dorothy and Sophia are bickering back and forth in heaven.”

“The world lost some of its’ color and charm today.”

“Heart broken that another one of the Golden Girls have gone to cheesecake heaven.”

“Bye-bye, Bea. Say hi to Estelle a.k.a. Ma.”

“Quite seriously devastated of the death of Bea Arthur. I knew this day would come, but that doesn’t make it any easier”

Thank you for being a friend Bea.  Rest in peace.

Event Calendar Now on + More

Posted in Site Announcements with tags , , on April 15, 2009 by GayRVA has partnered with Penny Caudle who maintains the Richmond GLBT Community Events Calendar as a service to the community.  If you scroll down the right side of the website, we’ll be running a feed of upcoming events and have added a link to the complete calendar.  You can submit events via e-mail.

Now, you can also subscribe to our blog via e-mail to receive the news of the day.  On the site, we’ve added some other community blogs that are worthwhile reads to keep you looped in.

If you head over to our Facebook group, we’ve added a discussion post for Site Feedback.  It’s another way for you to express your article ideas and comments.