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Style Weekly Features Article on Transgendered Employment Discrimination

Posted in Transgender with tags , , , , , , on April 29, 2009 by GayRVA

Today’s Style Weekly features the story of former Richmond police officer Colin Mauger, a transgendered man.  He started his training as an openly gay lesbian, but once he began transitioning, peers and superiors allegedly harassed him.  The article focuses on the current lack of workplace legal protection based on sexual minority and gender identity.

The captain threatened “to put me behind the desk and take my police powers away because I was mentally unfit and unable to do my job because I was obviously upset,” Mauger says. “I took that as a threat.”

Federally or in the state, there is no current protection on the books for these groups, but one may be close to getting passed into law.  Read the entire article online at Style Weekly.