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Richmond Responds to Passing of Bea Arthur

Posted in News & Views with tags , , , , on April 26, 2009 by GayRVA

Bea ArthurYesterday, we lost one of our closest friends.   Bea Arthur, well-known in recent years for her role as Dorothy in the Golden Girls, died yesterday at the age of 86.  On Facebook, some mourned the loss with a piece of cheesecake.  Others stayed in and had their own marathon of reruns to pay respect.

Some moving tributes from across Richmond’s online community:

“RIP Bea Arthur….You are my Maude, Dorothy, and woman who always made me smile. You will always be loved.”

“Deeply saddened with the passing of Bea Arthur and will be in mourning for the weeks to come. Please send condolences via his FB page”

“Travel down the road and back again.”

“Golden Girls will not be the same.”

“Dorothy and Sophia are bickering back and forth in heaven.”

“The world lost some of its’ color and charm today.”

“Heart broken that another one of the Golden Girls have gone to cheesecake heaven.”

“Bye-bye, Bea. Say hi to Estelle a.k.a. Ma.”

“Quite seriously devastated of the death of Bea Arthur. I knew this day would come, but that doesn’t make it any easier”

Thank you for being a friend Bea.  Rest in peace.